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CPAP Masks and Equipment

CPAP Masks and Equipment

Sleep Solutions Home Medical is an industry leader in treating sleep disordered breathing in the home. As one of the largest CPAP and Bi-Level machine providers in Michigan, we are proud that both our sleep equipment and patient education are the best available. Don’t just take it from us – check us out on Facebook or click here  to see how our customers feel about us. Whether you need a new CPAP, Bi-Level, mask or sleep accessories – SSI can get it for you(is here to assist you). Our clinical staff is one of the best around and Sleep Solutions Home Medical Equipment has been treating both pediatric and adult sleep apnea since 1997.  Many of the Clinical staff have been treating patients since CPAP first came to be…..

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

Sleepy Sleeves  - For CPAP machine hoses. Reduces condensation from humidification. Reduces awakenings due to the cold, hard hose touching your skin.We are contracted with a local Michigan shop to make them in your favorite color, sports team or hobby.

Cheek-Ease  - Cheek-Ease are used as a mask and skin barrier. We are contracted with a local Michigan shop to make them in your favorite color, sports team or hobby.

Hose Lifts  - Hose Lifts help with condensation buildup in the tube. This is commonly called rainout and can often be remedied by changing the humidity setting in the room or on the CPAP – but if you are still having issues, we may recommend a convenient hose lift as a good investment to help.

Moisturizers  - Moisturizers can be effective to help lessen the likelihood of skin irritation, redness or dryness. If you ever experience skin breakdown or severe irritation, please contact our clinical department so that we can discuss better options.

Mask Wipes & Sprays  - Mask Wipes & Sprays are one of the most effective ways to keep your equipment in good shape. CPAP or Bi-Level Masks should be sanitized on a regular basis and our silicone-friendly cleaning supplies can save you time and effort!

Custom Pillows  - Custom Pillows are one of our most popular items in the store. Sleep Solutions Home Medical offers many different options for different shapes and sizes of people. Whether you like a firm or fluffy pillow, king size or standard – we have several options in stock.

Remzzzs - are a product that was developed by a Michigan businessman near Jackson to help his wife with her sleep disorder treatment. We are proud to be a vendor of the product RemZzzs and many of our patients find that using Remzzzs can help to eliminate small leaks, improve mask fit and help folks that develop minor skin irritation or redness.

ResMed Gecko Pad  - The Gecko Pad is intended to improve patient comfort and compliance. The Pad itself is made of silicone and fits between the mask and the bridge of the nose. Our clinicians often recommend this to patients that are struggling to fix mask leaks around their eyes or nose.

Respironics LiquiCell CPAP Cushion  - The LiquiCell CPAP Cushion helps reduce skin irritation.

** All accessories listed above are available on our online store!